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Shaken, Stirred and Pith on the Peel: Two Books Celebrate the Art of the Great Cocktail

Two of the best bars in the U.S. are publishing books this fall that reveal a few of their secrets in creating memorable cocktails.
The Ultimate Guide To Sun-Proofing Your Hair This Summer

These SPF sprays and stylers will shield your scalp and strands from the damaging summer sun
10 Cheapest NFL Tickets of 2015

You can get a ticket to an NFL game for less than $60 this year. Just don't expect a whole lot out of your 'fan experience.'
14 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Fails

These Hollywood beauties are unfortunate examples of plastic surgery gone terribly wrong
Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Here's Next Week's Game Plan

Cramer is watching a slew of earnings next week including Pepsico, Monsanto and Domino's Pizza. But he wants you to know how he invests right now.
Justin Bieber Goes On (and On and On) About Jesus

Quick, think of the most Jesus-like person you know of. You said Justin Bieber, didn't you? No? Well, maybe you will soon. "I just wanna honestly live like Jesus," the Biebs says in a new Complex cover story, explaining how Jesus has helped him redeem himself after years of behavior...
Kanye's Presidential Platform? Pro-Sweatshirt

Presumptive 2020 presidential candidate Kanye West has opened his mouth, and words have poured out. " I think sweatshirts are the way of the future," he says, via People , adding that he's "definitely" serious about a run. "And we worked so hard on our development of our actual sweatshirts Sweatshirts...
Everything You Need to Know About EMV Cards

Now that the October 1 liability shift deadline has arrived, here's insight into what you need to know about your plastic.
5 Business Leaders You Didn't Know Were Vegetarians

Vegetarians rejoice, these CEOs and leaders have shown that it's possible to cut deals over kale and tofu.
How Anxious Retirees Can Survive Amid Market Volatility

The stock market is both choppy and chaotic - what can retirees do to stay on course?
FSA saves money, cuts taxes

Find out how one of the most popular tax benefits for families, an FSA, can help you.
How much equity can you cash out of your home?

Homeowners considering cash-out refinances and HELOCs: Here's what you need to know.
Why is the Cayman Islands considered a tax haven?

Find out why the Cayman Islands is considered a tax haven and why this location is so popular among those looking to reduce their tax liability.
7 Kids Items You Should Never Buy Used

Buying secondhand items is a great way to save money, but these seven kids items should not be bought used.
Paul Walker's Teen Daughter Is Suing Porsche

Fast & Furious star Paul Walker's teenage daughter believes her father would still be alive if he had been in a different car on the night of Nov. 30, 2013 , according to a wrongful death lawsuit. Meadow Walker, 16, is suing Porsche, alleging that the Carrera GT his friend Roger...
5 Common Mistakes New Investors Make

When its time to start investing, watch out for these five common beginners mistakes.
Scientists Finally Stop Fighting About Dinosaur Deaths

After 35 years of intense scholarly debateand probably some name callingscientists have agreed to compromise: Both a giant asteroid and massive volcanic eruptions were responsible for killing off the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. Time reports this agreement comes after researchers used a new technique to more precisely...
10 Foods That May Trigger a Migraine

Alcohol, cured meats, and aged cheeses all might bring on one heck of a headache.
How can a disabled veteran get a mortgage?

A disabled veteran can get a home loan, and money for retrofitting is available, too.
Best way to pay for home improvements?

Here's how to review your borrowing options when your home needs a serious facelift.
10 Things You Must Know About Asian Takeout

Hold on to your chopsticks: Our experts spill the (soy)beans on what's healthy—and not—at Chinese, Japanese, and Thai eateries.
Get a tax credit for a solar PV plus a new roof?

Uncle Sam wants you to have an energy-efficient home and helps pay for certain costs.
20 Allergy-Control Products for Your Home

Bedding, air purifiers, and vacuums that will help you stay sneeze-free through allergy season.
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Israel Bars Palestinians From Jerusalem's Old City
In an unprecedented measure, Israeli police barred Palestinians from Jerusalem's Old City on Sunday in response to stabbing attacks that killed two Israelis and wounded three others, as Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu vowed a "harsh offensive" to counter rising violence. Tensions have flared in recent weeks over an Old City... More >
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10 Dead as Cannes Gets 2 Months' Rain in Hours
Sudden heavy rains around the French Riviera have killed at least 10, including some trapped in cars, a campsite and a retirement home, and left six missing. Helicopters patrolled the region to look for other victims and 27,000 homes were without electricity Sunday after the Brague River overflowed its... More >
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