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Saluting the Monster Wave in Health Care Mergers and Recognizing Signs of a True Recovery: Jim Cramer's Best Blogs

Catch up on Jim Cramer's ideas this past week on how the recovery really will begin (hint: think household formation) and his take on the health care consolidation trend.
How to Get the Hair of Your Dreams? Ditch Your Shampoo

Anti-shampoo advocates say the secret to glossier, healthier hair is going suds-free. Here, the best ways -- and products -- to do it
When Consumers Should Tap Into their IRA for Additional Money

Consumers caught without enough savings may have to tap into their retirement savings to pay for everyday expenses when an emergency arises or a job loss occurs.
Sneak Peek: 7 Makeup Products to Bookmark for Spring 2015

Mark your calendars -- these are the can't-miss products from Fashion Week to snag next spring
'Fast Money' Recap: This Stock Has Risen Every Summer for the Past Decade

The trading panel today discussed interest rates, quantitative investing and the stock that has risen every summer for the past 10 years.
Top Actress Told She Was Too Old for Role at 37

Maggie Gyllenhaal was recently told she was too old for a movie roleand no, she wasn't hoping to play, say, a high school student. "I'm 37 and I was told recently I was too old to play the lover of a man who was 55," she tells the Wrap...
Police Issue 'Wanted' Poster for Nickelback

Nickelback just can't catch a break. The band's awfulness is a popular punchline , and the latest people to make a joke at the musicians' expense are officers of the law. Nickelback launched a world tour in Australia, the Daily Dot reports, so the Queensland Police issued a "wanted" poster with...
Advocates for For-Profit College Students Want A Return on their Investment from ED

The Department of Education says it will show them the money, but only on a case-by-case basis
The Rich Are Returning to America's Best Big Cities

Goodbye, suburbia. Today's trend among the affluent is urban living.
Advocates for For-Profit College Students Want A Return on their Investment from ED

The Department of Education says it will show them the money, but only on a case-by-case basis
Video: Slow your spending with cash?

Try using cash instead of debit and credit cards to see how much money you can save.
7 simple ways to improve your credit score

The road to credit gold is straighter than you think. Here's how to avoid a wrong turn.
The 3 Key Numbers Caterpillar Investors Must Know

Heavy-equipment manufacturer Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT) has found itself at the epicenter of the global economic slowdown, with sluggish activity in construction, infrastructure, mining, and now energy having taken its toll on the company's growth prospects.
How are C-suite officers measured on performance?

Find out how C-suite officers are evaluated. Learn about the evaluation process, what makes traits a CEO should exhibit and how these traits are measured.
Cannes Film Spotlights Hollywood Child Abuse

A dark side of the movie world has played out onscreen at Cannes in An Open Secret , a documentary about child sexual abuse that calls itself "the movie Hollywood doesn't want you to see." The film, screened outside the festival selection, features interviews with former child actors and models who...
How does a company decide when it is going to split its stock?

Learn why some companies decide to split their shares, and understand how they think it helps the stock's liquidity and future growth.
Mom Tearfully Agrees in Court to Son's Circumcision

A parental battle over a boy's circumcision came to an emotional end in a Florida courtroom today when Heather Hironimus reluctantly agreed to let the procedure take place. Hironimus has been jailed for a week over her opposition to the circumcision, and she relented only when a judge informed her...
9 Ways to Quit Sugar for Good

Easy tips to help you cut sugar out of your diet forever.
Mortgage rates climb for 4th week. Find out why

Greg McBride explains why there has been an upward bias to mortgage rates in recent weeks.
Grandma check: How much to give grandkids?

Grandma check-giving can get complicated. We help you simplify your generosity.
Why This Summer May Be The Worst For Allergy Sufferers

A "pollen tsunami" is hitting the U.S. and giving folks strong allergic reactions, but what's the cause?
Video: Slow your spending with cash?

Try using cash instead of debit and credit cards to see how much money you can save.
Washington, D.C., Ranked Fittest US City

Find out about the fittest city in the country.
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California Farmers Make Historic Water Concession
Another sign of the severity of California's drought: Farmers who hold some of the oldest and thus strongest water rights in the state have agreed to voluntarily cut their water use by 25% this season. The move by the farmers in the delta of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers... More >
Latest News
Dead Man Wakes Up Before Trip to Morgue
Another entry for the not-dead-yet files: A man who had been pronounced dead in Milwaukee began moving around as a medical team was preparing to take him to the morgue, reports WISN . The strange tale of 46-year-old Thomas Sancomb began Tuesday when his worried girlfriend called 911 because she couldn't... More >
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